3-Year Program Information

3-Year MSW PROGRAM - in transition

The School of Social Work is currently transitioning the 3-Year Hybrid plan of study to be a fully online program*. We do not have an exact date for that transition, but we anticipate the fully online program starting within the next year. 

The 3-Year program is currently blended, with hybrid and online classes.

Below is the predicted structure of the online program. The 3 Year plan of study will begin in Summer 2021, but a date for transitioning to be fully online is TBD.


Distance Education - 3 Year MSW Plan of Study

*​The intention for the 3-Year Online MSW plan of study is to be for students who wish to complete an MSW but cannot attend graduate school full time. The 3-year Online program should be completed over the course of three academic years. Students will take the same courses as students in the 2-Year plan of study, but at a slower progression. They will complete 60 graduate credit hours, which includes 48 credit hours in the classroom and 12 credits in an approved field placement.  This program is set to be structured in an online format. Students will likely meet at the University’s Center City campus several times per year for an immersion experience, including extedned classroom learning and professional development opportunities. 

Fully Online Classes*

*Currently the 3-Year program is in a blended format, with hybrid and online classes. We are currently transitioning and do not have a start date for the fully online program yet.

The 3-Year plan of study is inteded to be offered fully online. All courses in the program will be offered in synchronous “live” and asynchronous “not live” learning experiences.  Synchronous means students and instructors will log in at the same time for live virtual classes. Asynchronous means  students do not have to log in at the same time as other students and instructors. They can complete assignments when it is convenient for them as long as they are completed by their weekly due dates.   

Students do have the option of enrolling in hybrid or face to face elective courses for those who prefer additional learning opportunities. Please note that regular main campus tuition rates will be charged for optional hybrid or face to face courses and these are not eligible for the distance education rate.

Immersion Experience*

*Currently the 3-Year program is in a blended format, with hybrid and online classes. We are currently transitioning and do not have a start date for the fully online program yet.

In addition to fully online classes, students will have the opportunity to visit campus, in-person and virtual, for Immersion Experiences that will extend classroom learning and provide professional development opportunities. Students will also be able to network with other 3-year program cohorts.  Dates and meeting platforms will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

Field Education

*Field Education will continue to be a requirement for all MSW students.

In addition to online classes, a 16 hour per week internship is completed during the fall and spring semesters of years two and three.  The field placement requires a total of 16 hours per week on site at a social work services agency under the supervision of someone with an MSW. Our Field Office will coordinate with those who are not in the local area and/or out-of-state for placements. Visit our Field Education page for more information. 

Distance Education

*The Distance Education rate will be applied for the 3-Year program, regardless of the transition from blended to fully online.

The 3-Year program is classified as a Distance Education program. Students in the 3-Year Online program then receive Distance Education tuition & fees rates. See the Distance Education page for more information. 

Estimated/Approximate Tuition & Fees totals:

North Carolina residents receiving in-state tuition:  $15,100 total (approximate cost)

Non-North Carolina residents receiving out-of-state tuition: $34,000 (approximate cost)

Non-North Carolina residents receiving out-of-state tuition in the first year, declaring NC residency, then receiving in-state tuition: $27,000 (approximate cost)

Distance Education Tuition Rates

North Carolina Residency Determination Services 

Additional Application Information

All applicants for the 3-Year Program will need to complete the following prompt in addition to the four other prompts in the Statement of Purpose. 3-Year applicants must be sure they will be able to complete 16 hours per week of field placement during years two and three of the program. These field hours may be during the week, on weekends, or evenings depending on the agency and student availability.

  • 3-Year Program Applicants Only - Describe your current schedule of work and home life family commitments.  Describe how you anticipate this schedule changing in order to accommodate 16 hours per week of field placement during years 2 and 3 of the program. 

MSW Application Information