Virtual MSW Open House 2020

Virtual msw oPEN HOUSE 2020

Welcome to our Virtual Master of Social Work (MSW) Program Open House! The following videos provide a closer look at UNC Charlotte’s nationally-ranked MSW program. The core videos offer information about the foundation and structure of the program,  along with admissions information. The enhancement videos showcase additional opportunities and resources for students in the program, such as optional graduate certificates, financial aid, student organizations and a tour around our office. While we wish we could meet you in person, we hope you enjoy these informational videos and view the recording from our live session from October 21, 2020!



Copy of Live Session Chat Box

Time Stamps for the Recorded Live Session

First 12 minutes are of letting attendees and panel log in
12:38 - Welcome & Agenda
18:00 - Research Overview with Professor Roger Suclupe, BSW Director & Clinical Assistant Professor
23:28 - Q&A with Dr. Diana Rowan, MSW Director & Professor
41:45 - Q&A with Professor Amy Peters, Assistant Director, Senior Lecturer & Distance Education Coordinator
59:18 - Q&A with Dr. Ticola Ross, Field Education Director & Clinical Assistant Professor
1:16:55 - Research Overview with Dr. Sonyia Richardson, Assistant Professor
1:24:12 - Research Overview/Q&A with Dr. Dante Bryant, Assistant Professor
1:32:44 - Q&A with current MSW students (Imani McPhatter & Allison O’Connor)
1:53:00 - Answering live questions/from chat box


core videos

MSW Overview and welcome from MSW Director Dr. Diana Rowan! 


Looking to apply? Watch our MSW Admissions Overview from Assistant Director Amy Peters!


Learn about the three Plans of Study offered in the MSW Program


Want to know more about our Field Education?  Our Field Director Dr. Ticola Ross shares lots of helpful information!


Hear about the estimated Tuition Rates in the MSW Program



enhancement videos

Find more Graduate School information from the Director of Graduate School Recruitment, Maryanne Maree-Sams


Curious about Financial Aid options for graduate school at UNC Charlotte? Watch this video from Associate Director of Financial Aid, Dustin Grannis, to learn more!


School of Social Work Assistant Professor and Associate Faculty member in the Department of Africana Studies, Dr. Dante Bryant, shares his social work research experience!


Hear from our Clinical Assistant Professor and BSW Director, Roger Suclupe, as he discusses his social work experience and the MSW Program!


Check out our Graduate Social Work Assosication from our graduate student members themselves!


Hear from student members to learn more about our Advocates For Change student organization for MSW and BSW students!


Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Urban Education at UNC Charlotte!


Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder offered through the College of Education from the program director, Dr. Leslie Bross!


We offer a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health! This certificate is offered jointly through the School of Social Work and Department of Special Education & Child Development.


Learn about the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from the program director, Dr. Cynthia Hancock!


Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy from program director, Dr. Phyllis Post! 


Take a tour around our School of Social Work office on the fourth floor of the College of Health and Human Services building at UNC Charlotte's main campus!



Still have questions about our MSW Program?

If you have any questions about the open house, please contact