Bachelor of Social Work Overview

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The UNC Charlotte BSW Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body for social work education programs. The BSW degree prepares graduates for generalist social work practice. Generalist practice relates to utilizing multiple types of intervention that would be useful for different types of social systems and client populations. Emphases are placed on the following: 

  • development of therapeutic working relationships with clients
  • assessment of client systems from a diversity-affirming, ecological systems perspective
  • establishment of accurate and appropriate problem definitions and goals for intervention
  • utilization of varying intervention approaches, depending on the unique characteristics and needs of diverse client systems; linkage with resources
  • empowerment through identifying client strengths and enhancing client problem-solving, coping, and developmental capacities
  • application of baccalaureate-level research and evaluation methods 

All of these emphases related to generalist practice are centered in professional social work values and ethics within an increasingly global environment and are designed to affirm the human rights of diverse groups of people, especially populations-at-risk and groups which have historically been oppressed due to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability.

UNC Charlotte BSW graduates are employed in a variety of areas such as child protective services, substance abuse treatment, hospitals, youth and children services, criminal justice, adoptions/foster care, hospice, and long term care. They work from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina as well as all across the United States.

Comments from BSW Students

"As an adult student in the BSW Program at UNC Charlotte, the staff and faculty were supportive and respectful. During classes, open communication was always encouraged and my life events were valued and kept confidential. As a non-traditional student in the BSW Program, it is still possible to make lifetime connections." Lakeysha Sawyer, Class of 2015, President of Social Work Club

"As a non traditional student the BSW Program at UNC Charlotte has made it possible for me to easily transition to the student life after 20 years out of the student life.  The professors and student connections that you are able to develop during your time as a BSW student and the hands on knowledge that the program provides are paramount to the ultimate outcome in Social Work, to be prepared to serve with competence." Ilona A. Silva Alvarez

"I'm excited to explore everything this program has to offer. Social work as a whole is great to be involved in and I look forward to spreading its positive message of uplifting various communities." Chanel Pratt, Secretary of the BSW Club, 2015-2016