BSW Upper Division Criteria and Application

Minimum Criteria for Admission to Upper Division

1. GPA

The applicant must have a cumulative UNC Charlotte GPA of 2.5 or higher prior to the start of Upper Division.  Applicants with fewer than 12 credits earned at UNC Charlotte must also have a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.5 or higher.

2. Course Credits

The applicant has earned 60 credits or will have earned 60 credits prior to the start of Upper Division.  

3. Pre-Requisites

  • The applicant has already completed or will have completed by August 2021 and earned satisfactory grades (C or better) in BIO 1110, BIO 1110L, POLS 1110, PSYC 1101, STATS 1222, SOCY 1101, SOWK 1101, SOWK 2182 and SOWK 2183. 
  • Completion of general education requirements 

Applicants can be enrolled in summer courses at the time of application.  However, admission offers are conditioned upon verification of the satisfactory completion of the courses outlined above and a GPA of 2.5 prior to the start of Upper Division.  

Occasionally, in an effort to help students stay on track for a timely graduation, a student may be admitted who does not quite meet the established criteria such as in the case where a student is just short of 60 credits or is missing a non SOWK pre-requisite (all Upper Division applicants must have completed SOWK 1101, 2182 and 2183 by the start of Upper Division in fall 2021).  In such a case, the student must be able to outline a plan for graduating within 2 academic years as students admitted in fall 2021 have an anticipated graduation date of May 2023.

Upper division APPLICATION

Upper Division Application:  Opens February 1, 2021 - Closes July 1, 2021 

2021 Application

Deadline to Apply: 

Applications are accepted February 1, 2021 - July 1, 2021 (closes at 11:45 pm). Applicants may only apply once in 2021 to Upper Division. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions no later than August 1st.  However, this is a rolling admission process.  Applicants may be notified of a decision much earlier than August 1st if they submit their application prior to the deadline. Students will not be able to register for the first fall semester of Upper Division courses until they apply, are admitted, and have their major code change to Upper Division BSW. 
This is a competitive process with limited seating capacity, so not all applicants who meet the minimum criteria may be offered admission (we encourage applying early).  However, we have a high admittance rate (97% in 2020) and strongly encourage students who meet the criteria to apply
Notification of Curriculum Changes:

The School of Social Work is making minor revisions to the Upper Division curriculum.  Students admitted into Upper Division for fall 2020 will be asked to change to the 2020-21 catalog as part of their acceptance into the program to ensure that Degree Works will match the courses they will be required to complete to earn the BSW degree.

Application Requirements (online application):

  1. Resume
  2. Essay (4-5 pages) in APA format (7th edition) which responds to all four of the prompts that follow.  Please do not submit a paper from a previous class.  You should be submitting an original essay that responds to all four of the prompts below. 
    • Please discuss your reasons for seeking admission into the BSW Program and your career goals.
    • Describe a social problem of concern to you.  Include research that helps the reader better understand the problem.  
    • Social workers practice with diverse groups.  What groups may challenge you because of either your personal values, attitudes, and/or experience and how will you handle this?
    • Based on your previous volunteer and/or employment experience related to social work, discuss what you did to ensure that you helped and did not cause harm to those you served.
  3. Unofficial Transcripts - You do not need to upload your UNC Charlotte transcript. You only need to upload transcripts from colleges other than UNC Charlotte, if those transcripts from other colleges are not showing in your Degree Works as transfer credits.  

Using the above criteria, students who show potential for successfully completing the program will be selected to progress into to Upper Division sequence until all seats are filled. Students not accepted into Upper Division are encouraged to meet with their Lower Division CHHS academic advisor for further academic planning.  Students not accepted into Upper Division may reapply the following year. However, this may delay time to graduation and is not typically recommended.  Those who do not continue in the BSW major have the option of declaring another major at the University.

Note: Academic credit is not given in the program for life experience.

Helpful resources for APA format (7th edition):

Applying for the Honors Program:

Newly admitted Upper Division students will have the opportunity to apply to the Undergraduate Social Work Honors program (USWH) during late fall 2021 semester rather than students applying within the BSW Upper Division Program Application.  The BSW Program Director will provide more information in fall.