Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) of the UNC Charlotte School of Social Work strives to be representative of the region in our membership and to find new and creative ways to enhance the social work program at UNC Charlotte.  Members of the CAB would welcome inquiries about our work, and about CAB membership.  The CAB works to broaden and strengthen relationships across the region with the private, public and non-profits sectors in furtherance of the School's mission of “preparing competent and effective social work professionals”.


To educate, support, and facilitate the reciprocal relationships of the UNC Charlotte School of Social Work and communities in the region in which we live, work and serve.


Ms. Emily Bridgers, Project Manager, PBH

Mr. Richard Darlington (Retired)

Mr. Charles Elligson (Retired)

Ms. Dana S. Frady, District Administrator, D26 Guardian ad Litem

Mr. John Highfill, Program Manager, Services for Adults, DSS, Mecklenburg County

Ms. Tchernavia Ranesfore Montgomery, Carolinas Healthcare System

Mr. P. Wesley Sturgis, Bereavement Counselor, Presbyterian Hospice and Palliative Care

Ms. Kris Taylor, MSW, LCSW, Pat's Place Child Advocacy Center

Mr. Charles Bradley, DSS - Mecklenburg County

Ms. Debbie Parrott

Ms. Beverly Hinson, DSS - Mecklenburg County

Ms. Deona Frierson, The Excellent Marriage

Ms. Mrna Dibble, Diversity Training

Mrs. Barbara Whitley (Retired) MSW, Executive Director, Stanly County Partnership for Children

Dr. Schnavia Smith Hatcher, Director, School of Social Work, College of Health and Human Services, UNC Charlotte

Ms. Alicia Morris, Director, Community Engagement, College of Health and Human Services, UNC Charlotte

Accomplishments of the CAB:

  • Advocating for the Masters of Social Work degree at UNC Charlotte
  • Advising the faculty about changing social work needs in the workforce
  • Advocating for involving the Department in the Institute for Social Capital
  • Developing the CAB Endowment Fund for Social Work education
  • Advocating for UNC Charlotte to be one of the designated Universities in the NC Child Welfare Collaborative


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was formed in the early 1990’s and is an actively engaged group of dedicated individuals, from all sectors of our diverse community, noted for their results in community education and enlisting wide-spread support of UNC Charlotte School of Social Work Programs. CAB members seek to be instrumental in facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between the UNC Charlotte School of Social Work, other departments, students, faculty and alumni and all members of the larger community.