BSW Club

The UNC Charlotte Social Work Club is a chartered campus organization open to all undergraduate students.  Most meetings feature a guest speaker presenting information on topics of relevance to Social Work majors such as graduate school, field placements, and post-graduation job opportunities.  The club also participates in community service projects.  The Social Work Club serves as a supplemental resource to students, providing an opportunity to exchange information about upcoming events and workshops in the community.


The Social Work Club also has a formal relationship with the Social Work Program to provide students with a formal channel to express concerns and views on how well the program is preparing them, suggestions for improving the program, and input into the planning process when new programs are being considered.  Two or more meetings are arranged each semester between students and faculty for these purposes.  All students are invited to attend and participate in these meetings.  Students interested in joining club should express an interest through OrgSync ( which is a web hosted platform for student organizations and clubs used by UNC Charlotte.