FAQs for Prospective BSW Students

How do I know if my application is competitive enough for me to be admitted to Upper Division?

One idea is to compare yourself to the profile of applicants who are typically admitted to the program.  For the past two years, the average GPA of admitted applicants ranged from 3.2-3.4.  Admitted applicants typically have demonstrated their passion for social work through a moderate to high degree of paid or volunteer experience.  Admitted applicants typically have earned A's in SOWK 1101 and SOWK 2182.  Admitted applicants are typically A or A/B students.  Admitted applicants have earned C's or better in social work prerequisites (i.e. - BIO, POLS), but more often have earned B's or better.  Having high grades, though, and/or experience, is not a guarantee of admission.  In addition, admitted applicants demonstrate a solid understanding of social work values and of the "social work perspective," a lens through which professional social workers view social problems.

What do I do if I want to become a social worker, but I am not offered admission?

Students can apply the following year to the BSW Program and some do.  However, more often than not, students who are not admitted to the BSW Program begin forging a path toward an MSW.  Students might select a related major and then put their energy into developing a competitive application to our MSW Program by earning high grades, gaining experience through paid or volunteer work, and preparing for the GRE.  Due to limited space, not all applicants can be admitted into the BSW Program, but this does not mean the applicant would not make a good social worker.

I'm a summer transfer student.  Will all of the seats be filled before I have a chance to apply?

The School of Social Work recognizes that many of the student interested in applying for fall admission to the BSW Program are summer transfer students.  The School of Social Work manages enrollment and admission offers with this in mind.

How to I apply for the Undergraduate Social Work Honors Program (USWH) and am I eligible during the Traditional Admission submission period?

Students interested in applying for the USWH program will be able to indicate their interest within the BSW Program Application and will be asked to upload an additional essay.  Students may apply to the USWH program during either the Early Admission or the Traditional Admission period.

I earned a "D" in a social work prerequisite (i.e. - BIO/BIOL, STATS, POLS, etc).  Should I take the class again?

A "C" or better is required in all prerequisites for the social work major.